Wouldn't You Like To Learn About Your Money Blocks, Remove Them, And Learn Effective Techniques To Help Your Clients Remove Thier Blocks? 


Money Mindset Workshop

(from the comforts of your own home)

December 12th 9am- 4pm pst (11am-7pm est)



What if you could figure out your abundance blocks, sales blocks, remove them completely, and move into a recession-proof business?

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That means 5 things for you

  • Your prospects are anxious about a problem that you can easily solve for them, helping them succeed in the rest of their life.
  • You have the opportunity to rise above during this tough economy and learn so you have a recession-proof business.
  • Your business can’t grow if you don't remove your money blocks and sales blocks.
  • You are probably worrying about cash flow and wary about overextending your resources as the economy tightens; and you won't have to anymore!
  • You aren’t making the money and impact you really deserve and desire.

Yes, It Really Is Possible To THRIVE!

In this 1-day event, you’ll learn how to finally take control of your financial future and achieve your financial goals.


Money Mindset Workshop

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Are You Ready To Take Control of Your Financial Future?

This 1-day workshop will empower you with a new money mindset,. You will learn how to remove blocks for yourself and others.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Heal your money mindset so you never leave money on the table
  • 10x your sales, by removing your money blocks and beliefs 
  • Learn the tools to remove any limiting beliefs and adopt new empowering beliefs

With a few simple strategies, you WILL start living the life of your dreams with the business of your dreams.

What's Included In The Workshop...

Identify and let go of your money blocks

But what is a money block anyway? A money block is a series of thoughts, a mindset, or a feeling that gets in the way of you accomplishing financial success. It could be, getting out of debt, saving a ton of money, increasing your income streams or affording the lifestyle of your dreams.

Here are some money blocks you will identify and break through to achieve financial success.

  • Negative self talk
  • Your emotions and grudges you hold towards other people
  • Not forgiving yourself for your money mistakes
  • Avoiding your finances
  • Worshipping the almighty dollar not your why


This Workshop Is For You If...

You’re a driven, talented professional who deserves success. And, you’re undercharging (and often over delivering.)

Your sales are inconsistent and unpredictable.

You’ve tried lots of marketing strategies that keep you busy but don’t convert into sales.

You KNOW that something is stopping you from your massive success.

You want to help others and want to NEVER hear I can't afford to work with you again without the solution for them.


I'm Erin Loman Jeck

While I was attending University for my Masters in Therapy, I realized that they were teaching us to keep the clients coming back without providing them with solutions, and that was how therapists are taught to have consistent income.  THAT WAS OUT OF INTEGRITY FOR ME!

The first couple of years as a coach, I wasn't closing sales and was faced with eviction,  that is when I hired a sales coach and I have since spent $100,000 on mastering my sales, and have become an authentic sales trainer and I want to help you. As a Master NLP Trainer and Speaking Coach, I help you add $100,000 to your business.

Now I use what I've learned to help people just like you find financial freedom, remove money blocks, and teach you how to close clients confidently with ease and flow authentically. I’ll show you how to earn more (I have 30 streams of income), and put your old beliefs of not being good at sales to bed for good.

"Erin Loman Jeck is the most authentic powerhouse, I wanted to work with her after meeting her for a few hours, she knows how to sell without selling!"

- Martin Marino

"Erin sold my program from her stage once and showed me excatly how to do it, with overcoming objections and closed $8k for me."

- Michelle Janik

"Erin helped create my offer, then she turned around and sold it to me, and I wanted to buy it. She has such a unique way of getting you to see your best self.  Most coaches I have worked with never cared much about my results, as much as Erin has, she really becomes your biggest cheerleader"

- Susan Smith










Money Mindset Workshop

Deal Includes Prosperity Hynosis Track

$397 Only ($1997 value)