Executive Comunication Mastermind for Women

This 6 month program is designed to provide a comprehensive and interactive experience aimed at increasing participant’s executive presence, executive-level communication improving their ability to craft clear and well-organized messages, storytelling in business, communicating under pressure, teaching them how to deliver their message with command and confidence, and finally how to effectively interact with their audience during Q&A. 

Every company is looking for ways to accelerate business performance. The surest way to turn your company’s best ideas into bottom-line profits is to equip people at all levels with the skills to credibly design and deliver clear and compelling messages. The impact of just one innovative idea, one large sale, or one well-executed strategic project can more than cover the costs of deploying a common and scalable approach to credible messaging across your organization.

Erin Loman Jeck and her team, help executives in organizing, writing, editing, preparing, and practicing any presentation they might have.  We coach our clients in body language, gestures, vocal tonality, posture, movement, and facial expressions- all important elements of effective communication.  We focus on both content and style, helping them create compelling and convincing messages. This is a four-hour training in leadership communication and the neurophysiology of effective human communication with an emphasis on connection, inspiration, and results.  We will dive into emotional intelligence, presence, connection, authenticity, and leadership, which will dramatically elevate their public speaking, pitching, fundraising, and overall communication abilities.

We have helped Fortune 500 company executives to improve innovation, strategic decision making, sales performance, leadership through effective communication, in companies such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Expedia, SAP, Boeing, and IBM.


They will learn executive-level communication and it will up-level their leadership and effectiveness in communication.

Make the very most of every word they speak and know why it is working.

Increase their ability to influence and get their message across, stand out from the crowd and be memorable.

Overcome their apprehension and anxiety around public speaking.

Know how to create effective and compelling presentations that win business opportunities and partners.

It improves their confidence and facilitates leadership advancement.

 What We Will Cover:

What is compelling communication and communication styles

How to connect and motivate people with different communication styles

Storytelling with the psychology of connection

Four parts of your voice to use in your speaking to be memorable

Creating your own positioning statement and how to create an impactful message

Impacting, influencing, and inspiring your audience

Your stage presence; how to get into a state of confidence and success

Enhancing executive presence and a personal brand

Feminine Leadership in a male-dominated industry

Finding your wing women and lifting as we climb the ladder

Advocating for yourself and other women

Each participant with receive an individual critique of a short presentation, be actively coached, and videotaped for their review 

The program includes videotaping and active 1:1 coaching weekly, and a full-day in-person intensive where you will be presenting in front of the group, and receiving professional feedback on your presentation and presence.