Achieve The Holy Grail Of

Speaker  Success Retreat 

October 7-9th 

A Compelling Speech That Converts Audiences to Customers Like Clockwork

Consistent $10k Paydays (even if you're still relatively new)

A Results System That Delivers (even when you don't feel up to it) 

A Full Calendar Of Speaking Opportunities (that you don't have to chase)

A TEDx Talk To Take You Global


It Wasn't Always Smiles & Confidence...

In my first years as a speaker and coach,  I hit rock bottom when I couldn't pay for my son's diapers. I thought I failed my family, I would say to myself "why did you think this was easier than your corporate job."  I had to come to grips with it, I didn't know how to sell from stage authentically. 

The power of speech is the ability to transform lives in the room, some of the subtle nuances that you might be lacking are keeping you from your huge paydays on stage. 

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, there are ways to increase your conversions from the stage,  and I know all the secrets.

As a role model to my children, and as a woman I had to put myself first - which was challenging. But that decision unleashed success and results that I could only have dreamed of. Now 6-7 figure speakers hire me to springboard them to the results of their dreams by speaking their truth, showing the world that they are valuable, and transforming lives.

If that is what you want, then I invite you to join us!

What You Will Learn & Receive

Speaker Design That Convert$

We will craft your EPIC talk so that it converts your audience into paying clients, even with other experienced speakers sharing the stage. 

The $10k Stage Formula

Learn the formula the pros use to make $10K+ from stages online and in person, so that you can rely on speaking to pay the bills, even when others are failing.

A Results Delivery System 

Design a simple, staged, optimised business system that consistently delivers results and expands revenue streams. (Even if you're just starting out)

Bulletproof Booking Plan

Create your Bulletproof Booking plan for speaking and learn how to fill your calendar with exciting interviews, speaking & global growth opportunities in 2022.

Master The Inner Voice

Discover how to eliminate the negative inner voices and amplify the positive for  powerfully focused energy, alignment and authenticity when you show up on stage.

Finally Get Booked For TEDx!

Discover the secrets to applying, being selected and standing out when you are ready to present and bring your message to the world via your TEDx moment. 




Client Love

Sheryl Tullis

Before I met Erin, I was in corporate communications, I have written speeches for some of the industries top executives, and as a Cadet in the Army I wrote speeches for General Colin Powell (the former Secretary of State). I thought I knew everything there was to know about speaking.   Joining Erin’s team of Transformational Speaking Coaches has really deepened my knowledge, beyond my wildest dreams.   She really knows what she is talking about and how the techniques she teaches is affecting the audience and clients.  

Dean Smith

I have been a speaker for years, I have spoken in front of thousands and thought I knew how to impact audiences. Erin showed me that there were subtle nuances that I was doing that was diminishing my impact, with a few fixes, she was able to support my mission, and deeply connect with all audiences.  I love helping speakers get their unique message out to the world and create the impact they dream of creating. I have been able to speak in companies and on bigger stages since stating to work with Erin. 

Companies Erin has Worked With




We Work Best With People

Who wake up in the morning thinking...

>> What I am doing is not big enough

>> I am not reaching enough people

>> I am not revealing my true depth

>> I feel called to step up and serve more

>> I want to be divinely compensated for the deeply transformational work I am doing

>> I want to escape the fear, and idea of judgment for owning my message on a big stage

>> I want to escape the paralysis of emotional overwhelm and over thinking so I can become who I truly am

>> How can I add $100,000 to my income?

Who Is Erin Loman Jeck?

Erin is the CEO of the Transformational Speakers Agency, as well as an Executive Speaking CoachTEDx Speaking Coach, and the Creator of The Virtual Speakers Success Summit. She is also a Certified Master NLP and Hypnosis trainer. 

This highly sought-after business coach is the leading authority on assisting thriving purpose-driven entrepreneurs in how to monetize their message, make an impact, influence change, and inspire action in others.

Erin’s approach to speaking is unique and powerful, she utilizes the Psychology of Connection to illustrate how you can unlock any audience’s trust and rapport. Leaders seek her out to learn how to be more powerful in their influence, especially in the C-Suite of organizations. 

"Working with Erin is the Masterclass in speaking and making MORE money speaking."  




Unleash your speaker income potential & impact

  • EPIC Talk Developed

  • $10K From Stage Formula

  • RESULTS Delivery System

  • BULLETPROOF Booking Plan

  • INNER VOICE Mastery

  • TEDx Booking Secrets


  • **Bonus the Transformational Speakers Academy


$800 monthly (3-pay option)

ALL payments must be received before attending

  • EPIC Talk Developed

  • $10K From Stage Formula

  • RESULTS Delivery System

  • BULLETPROOF Booking Plan

  • INNER VOICE Mastery

  • TEDx Booking Secrets

    **Bonus the Transformational Speakers Academy