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My Highest Calling...

I didn't wake up one day and decide that I wanted to be a mentor or help people build a global business by speaking and mentoring others... I wanted to change the world.   

I knew I couldn't do that alone. It couldn't just be my voice or message would be the one that could change the whole world. When I heard my divine calling to mentor speakers, coaches, thought leaders,   I knew I could change the world with their voices too.  What wakes me up excited for life is the ripple effect that my works bring to this planet.  Your voice and message need to be heard,  you can change the world with me.   The other ripple effect that is a byproduct of my work is this...

I get to help thought leaders change the world and make an amazing income doing it.  When you make powerful servants amazing money,  they set up non-profits, build schools, and clean water wells around the globe! Let's lock arms and change the world together!   

Meet Erin Loman Jeck

CEO of Transformational Speakers Agency, Executive Speaking Coach,  TEDx Speaking Coach, and the Creator of Wing Women Movement Magazine and podcast. 

This highly sought after business coach, transitioned to opening her own Speakers Agency and she is the leading authority on assisting thriving purpose-driven entrepreneurs in how to monetize their message, make an impact, influence change, and inspire action in others.

Erin’s approach to speaking is unique and powerful, she utilizes the Psychology of Connection to illustrate how you can unlock any audience’s trust and rapport, which leaves them feeling better about themselves and are challenged to adopt your new idea or perspective. Leaders seek her out to learn how to be more powerful in their influence, especially in the C-Suite of organizations. If you are looking for a proven professional who is an impactful and influential trainer to lead your team, organization, executives to learn her techniques- look no further. Erin’s clients rave about the powerful impact she has made on them and her ability to help then find the subtle nuances that can take your influence and speaking to the next level.

Audiences have left feeling refreshed, energized and eager to get started with their newfound strategies in their compelling communication. 

Erin leads a variety of in-person workshops, online courses, and a two-day speaker summit, where she provides tools to get clarity in your ideal audience, learn how to get noticed, booked and paid to speak. Erin is an expert in working with speakers in strategizing their big business goals, assisting them to monetize their message, and helping them maximize their impact on the planet. Her clients rave that “Erin sees the big vision for your business and then breaks it down into actionable steps with her intuitive gifts she understands what it takes to THINK BIG and PLAY TO WIN!”  

“Working with Erin is the masterclass for transformational speakers, leaders, and influencers.”

She is also a mother of two amazing souls, Dylon 10 and Sophia 2, as well as a wife of over 11 years to Trey Jeck.  Dylon is a young entrepreneur who donates all of his earnings to charities such as the Beyond Project and Charity Water, he is the youngest member of the Global Movement -The Compassion Games.  


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"“Erin is a tremendous resource and leader for anyone looking to develop their voice, their message and their speaking skills in their business. She is an impactful speaker, a highly engaging coach, and a delight to know as both a colleague and friend. Erin's commitment to continual business and personal development translates into accelerated leadership and support for her clients and their results. I highly recommend that you connect with Erin.”"

Heather Pearce Campbell

"“I couldn’t have done it without Erin! As someone who has learning disorders, I really struggled to memorize the talk as well as use my physicality on stage. Erin’s super power is to see what is connecting the audience and what isn’t and assists you to be your best. I am so proud of myself and what I was able to accomplish on the stage and with my message.” "

Micki Obrien
TEDX Speaker

"“Working with Erin and speaking on TEDx was one of the best experience of my life. Erin helped me with physical presence and how I communicate verbally and non-verbally, facial expressions, as well as my vocal tonality. “ "

James Osbourne
Tedx Speaker

"“ Erin ROCKS! I am so pumped to say I’ve been blessed to keynote events with more than 2,200 people in the room and now make more per speaking engagement than I used to make in two months of working at my day job-all under one year since getting into the speaking game and working with Erin. Without a doubt, I couldn’t have gotten this far and this fast without Erin. If you have a chance to work with Erin… DO IT!” "

Calvin Wayman
Speaker and Author of Fish Out of Water