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Transformational Speaking Coaching

Business and Speaking Coaching with Erin Loman Jeck begins with her VIP BREAKTHROUGH DAY.  

As one of my 2022 Individual Speaking Coaching Clients, you will receive:

         6 months of personalized speaking/business coaching

         3-4 times a month:  60 min coaching sessions (over the phone/Zoom)


Curriculum based on your specific needs, topics can include:

Clarifying your idea worth sharing, and goals for your talk for the audience and your business, we will craft your talk together, we will then write it using vocal variance and tonality, and you will then be practicing your speech, physicality, and non-verbal communication (rapport building skills) will be discussed and practiced after the vocal variance so that you bring the memorization into muscle memory, and you will be delivering it to Erin in person or over zoom where she will provide a recorded session with feedback so you can observe the feedback.  The sessions will be a combination of teaching techniques and of practicing the speech and searching for the local speaking events.

Start working on a marketing plan for taking this to other industries, organizations, and other stages. We will work on the business building behind your message, building revenue streams based on your topic and expertise.  Create your packaging, pricing, marketing plan, and customer acquisition based on your stages.

Create multiple streams of income and a plan to launch them when you are ready.

We will be building your business to sustainability and leverage.

We will create your media kit and create a marketing plan around your speaking. Look at your current expert positioning and craft a plan around making you a “highly sought-after speaker” in your industry.

FREE access to my events/workshops during our 6 months together

Transformational Speakers Academy (online course valued at $697)

Event Course (online course valued $1997)

TEDx Course (online values $1997)

How to land your TEDx talk (online course valued at $1997)

VIP Day with Erin where we break through massive blocks/negative emotions with NLP/Hypnosis (valued at $25,000)