VIP Day with Erin

Take your business to the next level this year! Spend a day (4-6 hours) going over your current business and goals, and create a mindmap of the next year, create a road map to your goals, and marketing plan around all of it for you to be able to execute. 

From big vision to road map for the upcoming year, if you want DONE WITH YOU services this is for you.   YOU GET PERSONAL FEEDBACK ON YOUR BUSINESS.  We will address the stumbling blocks that you have been experiencing and remove any abundance blocks that have been keeping you small. We will craft your talk to help support your programs/products/services as well as a marketing plan around your talk and where you can begin to pitch it.  You will walk out with a signature talk, how to present it, marketing plan (with outlining the multiple streams of income you will create), and a list of places to start pitching about giving your talk.

You will also get a follow up call with Erin Loman Jeck 30 days after your session to see how you are implementing and if there have been any stumbling blocks to your goals since session.  This is HIGH level work for those who are READY to go far fast.