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Land Your RED DOT Talk-Application to Ovation

You are here because you: 

  • KNOW you have a goal of sharing your message on the global stage 
  • have APPLIED and haven't gotten chosen
  • want to know WHAT WOULD IT TAKE in order to deliver on this stage

You are in the right spot!

You can learn how and where to apply with the video above,  however,  to REALLY have your Application stand out and get chosen to speak on this coveted global stage,  you need to learn ALL the secrets from Erin Tedx Speaking Coach and Tedx Speaker Screener.    

Not only will you receive over 200+ places to apply for your talk but you will also learn everything from landing the gig to how to go viral after it publishes, and to make your moment the best speech you have ever given. 


Month 1:  

Applications, setting up your system for follow-up, scriptwriting/editing feedback, searching local open calls for speakers, and working through your idea worth spreading.  4 calls 1:1 recorded and sent to you after our session with homework.  I will provide you with a LIST of Events to apply to.


Application done

Start applying to organizers

Create the follow-up system

Script creation

Month 2:

Practicing your talk with tonality (pitch, pace, tone, volume), and memorization, continue applying and following up.  4 calls 1:1 recorded and sent to you after our session with homework. 


Continuing applications

Memorization with tonality

Presentation Coaching

Slides creation/editing

Vocal warm-ups

Month 3: 

Preparing for your talk on stage, what to drink, what to wear, what to drink/eat, prepare your voice for stage (stamina),  4 calls 1:1 recorded and sent to you after our session with homework.

How to market your talk when it hits the YouTube channel

The Group is committed to sharing your videos after published


Talk is mastered and ready for stage

How to transfer this talk to other platforms

How to make sure you seed your offers in your talk without pitching