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RED DOT Masterclass with Erin Loman Jeck

Have you dreamed of landing your Red Dot moment?
Do you have an idea worth spreading but can’t seem to get chosen?
Have you applied over and over and never heard back?
How would you like to learn how to apply, stand out, and get chosen for your Red Dot moment in this year?
Then you are in the right place!
Erin is the leading expert on landing and delivering the best talk of your life on the BIGGEST global platform around.  She has a 99% success rate with securing your spot on that coveted stage. She is hosting a MASTERCLASS for you to understand how to stand out in your submissions and get chosen for this stage.
For those who don’t know Erin, she was on the screening committee for Tedx Seattle and Spokane, she has supported hundreds of speakers, pitched, landed, and delivered their Talk, she also has been hired by numerous organizers to help their speakers deliver their best talk on this stage.
Erin will be sharing how to think about your idea worth spreading, how to apply, how to stand out in submissions, and for the FIRST time, Erin is launching a group 3-month program, from IDEA to OVATION. Erin charges $6k+ for her work 1:1, but is at capacity right now, and wants to serve MORE of you!

In this masterclass we will be covering:

  • Why would you want to take the this stage
  • Where to look for these events
  • How to apply to speak at these evetns
  • What do you need in order to apply
  • How to stand out in your submission
  • How to deliver a Talk from idea to ovation