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Your Order To The Universe


How to place your order with the universe.

Pizza Hut = the universe

Your order = dreams and goals

When you place your order, you have to decide what you want before Pizza Hut can start making it. So first decide what you want. Be exact.

Once you have placed your order, you have to give Pizza Hut the required time needed to make it and deliver it. You don't know how long it will take but it's worth the wait because it's what you crave. Don't settle for something less just because it was delivered faster. It's not worth it because it will not satisfy your craving. It takes time to get it right. Be patient. It's worth the wait.

Also, once the order is placed, you expect that Pizza Hut will deliver it as soon as they can. You don't hope and wish that they will, you know they will because you placed an order. It's a done deal. It's already going to happen, guaranteed. Believe it because it's happening.

The whole time you are waiting for your pizza, that's all you are thinking about and won't stop thinking about until you have it in your hand and eating it. Complete focus on one thing.

Be prepared for it. You get the cash out, you get napkins set on the table, you turn the porch light on. Make it easier on yourself and think of what you can do to prepare for the delivery of your order. Be ready.

You can already imagine eating it because you know you will be eating it very soon. You have a clear image in your mind. You are mentally rehearsing the actions before they happen. Imagine it as real.

Have confidence knowing that your order will always be delivered to you exactly as you expect.

You don't need to know what route that the delivery guy is taking, you just need to know that it will be delivered as expected. The delivery route is not your job, that's pizza huts job. Trust that they know the best path to you. Your job is to place the order and pay the price. Trust in the system.

That 40-50 min wait sucks so much. It's almost a struggle to stay calm but you don't care because you know that your order will soon be delivered. You ignore the pain and anxiousness and focus on how amazing it will be to eat it. Focus on already having it. Focus on the taste. Make it real.  

And lastly, you have to get off the couch, answer the door and accept your delivery. You say thank you and your excited. When the delivery guy knocks, answer the door. You don't just sit there hoping the pizza will come to you all by its self. You get off your butt and go straight to the door. You don't go to the bathroom first or have a glass of water, you run straight to the door and get what's yours! Your order is right on the other side of the door but if you don't answer the door, then placing your order was a waste of time. Trust your instincts and take action on every opportunity that knocks.

Now if you don't k ow what you want, here's how to figure it out.

Imagine a reporter interviewing you 8 years from now because of your amazing life. You have everything you have ever wanted and you are very happy.

The reporter will ask you 7 questions and you answer them as you 8 years from now. Remember, your life is perfect.

1- how much money have you made in your life? How much are you currently making every year?

2- what do you do as a career now that your life is perfect?

3-what do you do for fun?

4- tell me about your health and fitness.

5- do you have good relationships in your life? Who are you close with?

6- are you happy with who you are as a person?

7- what do you do to give back to the world?

Great! Now take the video that the reporter made of the interview and play it in your mind every day as you lay down to bed. Stay focused on it. Let distracting thoughts pass by like a car on the highway.

Do this every day for the rest of your life and I guarantee you will create it.

So dream big, stay positive, commit, and believe without knowing how. Who cares how long so long as you get there? Go with the flow and take it easy on yourself. Just be ready to take action on every opportunity or just create opportunities. Trust and act on your instincts. Just start. Failing is good. How would you learn if you didn't fail? It took 10,000 fails to invent the light bulb however, he just said there were 10,000 steps.  Imagine if he gave up? Fail as fast as you can, trust me, you will reach your goal quicker.

Make this a daily habit and your world will change."


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