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Your Money Blocks Are Killing Your Speaking Business


Are your money blocks killing your speaking career


As a business coach for speakers for more than a decade, I have always said “if you're not closing 30% of the room or more when speaking it's usually one of four things, you're in the wrong room, your offer doesn't solve the problem for your ideal client, something is off in your delivery or presentation skills.” All of those are skills I teach but the one that might be killing your business is your money mindset. Today I will share the three most important blocks that could be getting in the way of you selling more from the stage, without being salesy.

As a Master trainer in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), I discovered a flaw in my own motivation towards being successful in my business. You see I spent years chasing money while creating impact but secretly behind the scenes I was running from the days early in my business when I faced eviction, bankruptcy, and dodging calls from bill collectors. I was motivated towards my aspirations but didn't realize I was dragging the suitcase behind me full of all the fears, overwhelm, and anxiety that those early years I had packed away but was still pulling along every time I got on the stage or got on a call. It was always draining my energy. In NLP we examine motivation. All human behavior is driven by moving towards pleasure or away from pain. ‘Away-from’ people are motivated to move away from what they DON’T want.  ‘Towards’ people are motivated to move towards what they DO want. Both ‘towards’ and ‘away-from’ individuals may seek the same goal, they are just motivated differently. For example, When someone states, ‘What I don’t want is . . . ’ or ‘I’ll never do that again’, it indicates an ‘away-from’ preference. If they say, ‘What I want is …’ they are expressing a ‘towards’ motivation.  This is the first step in understanding your motivation, and if you still have negative self-talk still running in your head,  about what you don’t want then you have a money block.  It’s natural for a person who is themselves ‘away’ motivated to use only ‘away-from’ language in their presentations. But this may not inspire ‘towards’ motivated individuals, and vice versa. Presenters with the power to truly influence and communicate with their audience using both ‘away-from’ and ‘towards’ language, to capture the attention of both styles of people. If you have ever been desperate for people to buy your programs from the stage,  they will sense your commission breath, that is why you MUST work on removing this underlying behavior in order to be successful in speaking. 

Number two is Representational Systems. Tony Robbins says “ When you’re learning about people’s strategies to understand how they make a decision, you also need to know their main representational system so you can present your message in a way that gets through”.  The three main representational systems are Visual (see), Auditory (hear), Kinesthetic (feel) and Auditory Digital (what their self-talk is) when speaking, there are also Olfactory (smell) and Gustatory (taste) systems when taking in information.  Auditory digital representations are made to you in your mind of what you hear – this is where the meaning of the words is important. Criteria are important, whether it makes sense. All of these systems have their own set of language (predicates), by using the audience's language when you teach, you fit the information into a modality where they can accept it most easily.  Hence to motivate them it's best to know how they present things internally. Although we can’t know what a person is thinking, we can know what their representational system is, by paying attention to how they See, Feel, Hear, and Think Internally about the information. We can do that by paying attention to:

  1. Words they use to communicate.
  2. Noticing their eye patterns.
  3. Paying attention to their body language and physiology like breathing patterns and posture.

The words someone says show the Internal Senses they are using and how they are thinking. If you know what system a person is using, you can motivate them by messaging in a way their internal system understands. Using words from the same representation system motivate them and feel aligned with your program, you as their leader, and above all themselves. They feel like you really understand them, you are them, and can help them with their problem. Speaking their language based on the representational systems can also be used to detect how they make decisions,  how they buy, and what do they need to see, feel, hear, and sense when you are pitching your offer. You can close more of the rooms you are in, if you know what your audience needs in order to buy your programs and products. 

Lastly and most importantly, so many people come to me with the mindset of “selling is a dirty word.”  Sales, Salesperson, Car Salesman. What’s your instinctive response to these words? For most people, it’s ‘suspicion’ because we perceive that people in each of these occupations are ‘sales people’. And that’s your unconscious mind taking control with a deeply ingrained response to selling and salesmen. Well, as long as your unconscious mind is telling you that selling is bad, you’ll be communicating that to the people you talk to, and you’ll have difficulty actually making a ‘confident close’ no matter how much your product or service is going to help that person.  If you had a negative response at all with “sales,” you have a money block and the faster you eliminate that, the more sales you will receive and it will be easy and fun.

The most exciting news is, that you have the ability to remove these blocks and create more flow in your business.  You can sell from the stage and on calls, and it can just be reframed as being of service.  If you want to discover your blocks take this quiz: https://www.erinlomanjeck.com/assessments/2147633209.

I will see you on stage.

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