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Your Money Blocks Are Killing Your Speaking Business


Are your money blocks killing your speaking career


As a business coach for speakers for more than a decade, I have always said “if you're not closing 30% of the room or more when speaking it's usually one of four things, you're in the wrong room, your offer doesn't solve the problem for your ideal client, something is off in your delivery or presentation skills.” All of those are skills I teach but the one that might be killing your business is your money mindset. Today I will share the three most important blocks that could be getting in the way of you selling more from the stage, without being salesy.

As a Master trainer in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), I discovered a flaw in my own motivation towards being successful in my business. You see I spent years chasing money while creating impact but secretly behind the scenes I was running from the days early in my business when I faced eviction, bankruptcy, and dodging calls from bill collectors. I was...

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Your Montone Voice Is Killing Your Business


People ask me all the time “how do you get the audience to be engaged and purchase from you at the end?”   I have reverse-engineered what I had done from the front of the room and built my coaching program using these exact principles. I recognize that much of what I had studied in my master’s program in therapy, was working in my favor, things like building rapport quickly, being aware of your non-verbal communication, and tonality, so that you appeared open, safe, and could lead them out of their pain.   

Non-Verbal Communication

The first 90 seconds of being on stage are the most crucial,  the audience is staring at you, looking for a place where you are not confident, dishonest, or not credible,  this is a natural thing when humans are choosing to listen to someone,  they want to know they are with someone who is the expert that they are claiming to be.   When you enter the room or are heading towards the...

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From Losing it All to Having it All


It was a month before my largest event I had planned for 300 people. This would be my biggest event ever, see I moved it from Seattle to California, because everyone said, if you move it down there more people will come. I had asked my husband to quit his job so that I could spend a whole month traveling through California on a speaking tour in order to enroll these 300 people to come to the Transformational speaker summit in Palm Springs California October 2019. I ended up only selling 200 tickets, and had to tell the speakers ahead of time, which was terrifying. I felt like I Let them down, and they would want their money back.

My flight was canceled the day before the event so I had to arrive four hours before the big event. As I walked into the room imagining my event planner having everything set up and ready to go I was Shocked to arrive and find her scrolling on her phone in the back of the room with nothing but chairs set up. I trusted her explicitly, I mean she checked all...

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